This is my story

I’m a Journalist in my fifties working in Pamplona, Spain. Yes, the city of the running of the bulls. I have never ran because, as you probably noticed if you read my last name, my blood is not Spanish and everything about bulls is something I don’t understand at all, and scares me a lot. But I couldn’t escape, because as a journalist I had to report about the wounded during the run, which was pretty bloody.

I don’t have any pretentious goals in this blog. I guess it will not have many readers. I only want to tell you the story of a little girl waking up to life in Spain not knowing a word of Spanish and living in the middle of two worlds: the real world of the city and the Country in what I lived, and the imaginary world of a lost Country I didn’t knew, but I have always feel my beloved Homeland. And because we had for decades forbidden to go to our Homeland, I finally grew up feeling that my home, his walls and rooms and above all my family, my parents, my brother and my sisters were my Homeland.

Now we don’t live in that home, my father passed away years ago, and my brother and sisters live in different cities. Now, my Homeland is my Mom.

When she goes, I’ll lose my roots and will fly I don’t know where. Maybe to the US, land of emigrants, or maybe to that then forbidden and now free Country by the Adriatic Sea, from where she and my father (also journalist that was a prisoner by the fascists and then by the communists) came after so many sufferings (concentration camp, jail, refugee camps, years of separation, religious prosecution). Yes, I think I would like to die there. In fact, the first time I went there it was like a came back. Everything was so familiar I really thought I have been there before.

11 thoughts on “This is my story

    • I was born in Spain but my parents are both Croatians. My Mother from Senj and my Father from Kotor They lived and got married in Zagreb

  1. Hello Olga,, I’m pleased to find your blog. I followed Cee’s link to your photo for the Industrial Fun Foto challenge. I read your ‘about this blog’ page, and knew right away that ‘From Five to Fifty’ would be interesting. So that is how I got here. Looking forward to your interesting memoirs.

      • It was to my advantage that your blog here is small, so it was not a huge task to read everything – the only part I skipped over was the page of song videos. I am surprised more people do not follow this part of your blogging world, as your story is interesting. I tried not to leave too many comments, but sometimes I could not help myself! I enjoyed my visit. You will write here when the mood takes you – memories are precious and not to be written only for others. When you need to, you write here with passion.

        All the best to you and yours for 2015.

      • Thank you for your visit. I’m glad you liked it. I deliberately keep this blog pretty private because I’m no sure my story can be interesting. As I said your comments encourage me. I also wish you all the best for you and yours for this New Year

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