Knights and princesses

Pamplona City Walls By Larrazun

Pamplona City Walls By Larrazun

– Hide under that rock!

– The dragon is coming!

– I’ll use my magic sword (says my brother brandishing a stick)

– Everybody retreat to the castle!

– I’m wounded. Someone help me!

– We run to hide behind a wall. The imaginary dragon clashes against the ancient stones. We are safe once again.

We fight against dragons, wicked witches, imaginary armies coming against us every time mom is taking us for a walk to the walls of the city. which is very often, because is close to home.

We have the perfect scenery. Pamplona conserves three-quarters of her medieval and renaissance walled perimeter, ditches, with drawbridges and all, and a beautiful citadel.

Mom, the queen, is always smiling when we return at her tired of running and victorious from our imaginary battles against fabulous creatures in a world of castles and knights and princesses.

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