Kotor and my dad

from the Facebook page of Kotor

from the Facebook page of Kotor

Kotor. My father’s city and its bay. No wonder he had such a sensibility for beauty. He grew up in a beautiful medieval town in a beautiful bay some define it as a fjord in the Mediterranean. He had to endure a long forced separation from his beloved but forbidden town. Something very hard to him. Finally he visited his city and his bay before he died.

Kotor defined him. You have to enter the bay by purpose to discover its beauty. Otherwise you can pass by without noticing it. Dad was so humble and quiet only the people who got to know him knew about his deep cultural, artistic, spiritual shape. When he died people asked me to define him in a few words. I said he was to me an open gate. I had a vivid memory of him at home working in his room with his door open. Always available for us, kids, to enter without ceremony and ask what we wanted anytime. I was glad to find that many of his disciples at the university felt the same way.

Kotor and my dad are always linked in my mind.

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