The last gift

file0001045042240Dad was very sick. In a wheelchair. Almost unable to move and talk. Unable to read and write. But his mind was racing fast as ever. That day I was taking care of him. Mom wasn’t at home. He was always uneasy when she wasn’t near. After 56 years of marriage they needed badly each other. They had had a life plenty of adventures from the moment they met each other during WWII and get married. They endured  prison, prosecution and 12 years of forced separation. But they loved each other so much they were faithful until they get reunited and continued their life together. They nurtured their love day by day until the end.

That day dad was nervous. I couldn’t figure out why. He finally asked me to go out. He wouldn’t tell me where. Only “to the city”. I always did what he wanted, no matter how difficult, so I got ready. It wasn’t easy because my car was small, but there we went. I folded the wheelchair, put it in the trunk, helped my dad into the car and began to drive. He gave me directions and finally we arrived to a boutique he knew my mom liked. I parked, unfolded the chair and helped my dad. We entered the perfume boutique and he simply said to the lady: “please, give me the best you have for my wife”. Her birthday was coming. He could have sent me to buy something to mom and stay at home, but as sick as he was, he wanted to go by himself to buy the best gift for his wife. It was the last present he bought her. He died a few months later.

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