Disaster in the park

neighbourhood1We are in a park with my older sister. My brother is crying. We were playing near an iron gate. He slipped his head through the bars and now he can’t remove it. He trapped himself. I don’t understand why. If his head fits one way through the bars I can’t see why suddenly doesn’t fit the opposite way. My sister is trying to help my brother. She’s calling for help. Men, women and kids approach. Everybody is talking and making suggestions, but nothing works.

I wonder around alone and I fall and hurt myself. My knee is bleeding. I’m crying. But my sister is too busy with my brother and his head to notice me. I feel miserably and alone. I think my brother is going to die so I cry in distress. A woman says she will take care of me. I’m afraid of her. I don’t want her to take care of me. I want my sister. I want my mom.

Finally a police officer comes and frees my brother I don’t know how. Then my sister comes with my brother free, but still crying, scared. She notices me and my knee and frees me from the scary woman. She says nothing. She takes my hand. I stop crying. We are safe. We are going home.

Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember.

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