Do you believe in guardian angels?

By Bosela

By Bosela

It was snowing heavily in Washington DC. I was in the city for the first time in my life to meet my boss before take a plane from New York to San Francisco, CA, to begin my new job as a correspondent for a Spanish agency. I had plenty of free time before the interview so I went to visit the National Library. From there I planned to walk to the building were my boss’ office was.

But I never knew left from right, north from south, so I began to walk in the opposite direction and I found myself in a strange neighborhood. No traffic, no high buildings, no offices no shops, no people on the streets, only me completely lost and scared. More scared when I saw in the distance a group of youngsters with no so good looks, with chains.

I didn’t know what to do. I was lost, I didn’t know how to go back to the Library and I didn’t have where to go but in the direction where the group was.

Suddenly I heard from the other side of the street a deep voice asking me

– Do you believe in Guardian Angels?

I looked at the voice direction and saw a tall old black man walking his big dog and smiling.

– Well, yes, sure, I said

– Because you are lost aren’t you?

– Completely

– Where are you going?

I give him the address

– You are really lost, he said and began to give me directions

– You see?, he said, Guardian Angels do exist. Today was my turn.

I arrived safely to my boss’ office and began to think in what happened to me that day. I didn’t now too much English then, but I understood everything he told me, I trusted him from the first moment. When I hear his voice all my fears disappeared.

From that moment I like to think that my Guardian Angel must look like a tall old black man with a charming smile and a big dog.

Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness.

17 thoughts on “Do you believe in guardian angels?

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m glad you liked it and made you think. It’s an episode that makes me think frequently too.

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