The elevator’s song

English: An elevator pulley in the Eiffel Tower.

We are coming home from the park. We are exhausted, hungry, thirsty and happy after hours playing together to castles with a king (my brother) a queen (me) and two princesses (my sisters) in danger from dragons and other evils, with my older sister watching us. We arrive, laughing and running, after all this adventures, and take the elevator to go to the sixth floor where we live. Another adventure. We immediately sit down and begin to sing.

I don’t like the elevator. It is an old narrow wooden case in a cage, that use to have problems to work properly.

Our floor is the highest. There is nothing but the ceiling for the elevator after us, and that makes me have nightmares. In my bad dreams, the elevator doesn’t stop and we crash against the ceiling. This is why I don’t take the elevator alone. I hate it.

But with my brother and sisters is another story. I ‘m not afraid. And I don’t care to get stuck in the elevator. We have fun as we have everywhere. The first time it happened, we, the for small ones, simply sat dawn and my older sister  figured out a “secret song” for us. It was a simple happy la, la, la,…. song, without lyrics. So we sang and laugh until we could go out, climbing from the wooden box to the nearest floor with the help of a neighbor. It was an adventure!

From that day, the “secret song” is our “elevator song”. When we arrive and we took the elevator we immediately sit down and begin to sing our song. We are heading home! La, la, la, la… to the sixth floor.

Daily Prompt: Elevator.

4 thoughts on “The elevator’s song

  1. This is a sweet story. I’m not a fan of elevators, either. Not scared, exactly – just distrustful. Certain ones seem full of dark possibilities.

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