Music! cheerful, playful, rhythmic music. It’s a family feast day. Dad always announces holidays and celebrations of all kinds waking us up with music. Today is the finale (chorus and dance) from the Croatian comic Opera “Ero s Onoga Svijeta” (Ero from Heaven) by Gotovac. A music that make us, kids, jump from bed and be happy because the sounds are joyful and because we know the day will be plenty of good things.

Simple, bud beautiful things. A walk all together with mom and dad to the park after watching my mom working the dough and cooking a delicious apple strudel for dessert, and then eating it, of course (yum). Maybe even some candies for me, my brother and my baby sisters, and an evening singing songs in different voices. Croatian and Spanish songs, with my dad as a conductor of the chaotic chorus. Maybe my older sister would play the piano. Sure our canary would sing along and the cat mew out of time, but joining us. A lot of laughing. Music and rhythm all day.

Daily Prompt: Feed Your Senses.

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